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There is no benefit in saying too much. Hong Weiguo sighed. As parents, we cannot let our children be involved if there is trouble. Most importantly, what can they do if they know? With his character, will he be able to stay at the Galaxy Alliance? Even if he comes back, he might not be able to help either. It will also affect what hes doing at the Galaxy Alliance. We have no idea when the Zerg will come, we should not let him wait here with us.


“Mihawk.” The man with the eagle eyes picked up two pieces of armor with his black knife and held them in his hand. “Yes, the attributes are really quite good. I will keep a few suitable ones first. Thank you. I’ll give you another human head for free when the time comes.”


He might have escaped, but Tianyi was not willing to just give up like that. Although he thought highly of himself, to have such innate talent, he would not be a fool. Not only did he not get scared, other ideas began to form in his head.


“Don’t be nervous.” Jiang Duxing hugged his daughter and gently said, “We don’t even know who this super-genius is yet. You still have a lot of time to think over this. What if this person is an old man? Or from the giant race? Or maybe an evil villain? You don’t know any of these, so… Just wait first, wait until we find him before you decide, okay?”


In fact, Galaxy Aristocrats’ guards like them were usually cocky and unapproachable. But they were different now. Where were they? Shenluo City! The city where the super genius was at! Such a super genius would definitely rise to the top in the future. They did not dare to offend him!


“Hehe, it’s okay.” Hong Dali laughed. “I’m an Honorary Aristocrat, Double Honorary Aristocrat at that. Mother, look at the quality of this cloak, it’s really durable. High-quality material in the universe! Original!”

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Ah, you want to give me something? Hong Dali was stunned for a while, then stroked his chin and said, Aiya, dont stand on ceremony with me. I just helped in passing. HeheEven if you kill me, I will never tell you I am the super genius!


Before he even reached the door, a gruff voice called out from behind him. Which bastard dares to create trouble here?


This time Jiang Qianxue thought about it for a relatively longer time before nodding. Yes, I think that was what I thought


Soon, the spacecraft came to a stop. A very handsome man stepped off the spacecraft and walked forward slowly. This young man had silver long hair with straight eyebrows. He was 1.9 meters tall and looked well-proportioned. His muscles looked explosive. He looked intimidating. Not mentioning about his capability, just his murderous look was enough to stop ones breathing.


This lackey is really powerful, even his moves are so full of character. I think he must be at least a Third Order Planet Warrior! They must be the princesses of some rich and powerful family? They have such powerful lackeys with them?


“What?! Where?!” Hearing that, the Bureau Chief jumped up from his seat and asked anxiously. “Where is he now?”


This was a tiger that had mutated from eating Dali beans. It was five-meters-long, about the size of a medium-sized car. Hong Dali had cheekily clad it in a full suit of armor fully embedded with attribute gems!



Leave. Jiang Qianxue waved her hand casually. Seeing that you did not go too far, Ill let it go this time. Mind your behavior. If I find out that you did something like this again, Ill break your legs.



Pick up girls? Huaqing appeared odd. He looked at Tianyi, then turn around to look at Tang Muxin and the other two ladies on the bench. Finally, his gaze froze on Jiang Qianxue, who was among the crowd. He was shocked as he quickly bowed. I didnt think Miss Qianxue would be here. Gold-level Honorary Aristocrat Mu Huaqing greets my Lord.


“This brat.” Tang Muxin covered her mouth and laughed delicately. “That’s really too far-fetched. Hehe.” Li Nianwei and everyone else nodded in agreement.


The hologram of the Old Elder’s head that was projected from the communicator smiled and said, “Hellfire, someone has already passed the 30th level in the Tower of Trials. According to our assessment, this is a super-genius that won’t lose out to Duan Xuan. Therefore, I need you to pay a visit to Kris Sudarian immediately and see if you can obtain some information on this person.”

  • It was a pair of sharp, eagle-like eyes!
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